Smart Repairs for Cars -

BRIGHT repair techniques are developed to help keep a vehicle in pristine state without high-priced time consuming body shop repairs that were conventional. It lends itself well to repairing scrapes and scuffs, chips that affect the look and value of a vehicle. SMART repair techniques use state of the art techniques and products technicians ensure the highest standards of work, maintaining the car scratch repair Barnsley integrity of the original paintwork. Garages for a long time have used these techniques, but are still comparatively unknown with car owners.

The damaged area on the wheel is sanded down, sometime filled and repainted to match the existing colour without leaving a mark. Often it's conceivable to repair the alloy wheel.

Dashboard Repair

Unsightly phone installation holes in dashboards can be made to evaporate by filling, repeating the initial texture and re-colouring the place.

If any part of the interior trim is scratched, cracked or damaged, then it is not highly unlikely that it might be repaired rather than replaced.

Fender Repair

Whether the plastic fender is textured or painted, the paint colour and finish can be matched and the repair will be unnoticeable.

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